Hi, My name is Raymond Cox.

I first got interested in joinery and cabinet making at school (many years ago) and spent many hours with my wood working teacher trying different techniques and inventing new and original ideas. Starting with a simple woodworking joint, I would change it and add my own twist then use it in the next piece of furniture I was making (not always successfully at first!). However I knew then that I was to pursue this as my career.

Since those early years, I have conceived, designed and built many, many projects from start to finish – often using innovative and unique creations from making the best use of space right up to creating the most luxurious, stunning modern room designs.

This is not a job for me it’s a pleasure. I hope I can inspire you!

Please call or make contact if you have a project that I can help with from start to completion.

All things are possible only miracles take a little longer !!

So why not get a free estimate today so you can plan and budget your project and make a dream come true 🙂

Ray Cox – Lead Designer

Ray Cox
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